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Building Resilient, Fit, Reliable Professionals

Taking care of the communities #1 Asset, our First Responders

We provide health & wellness programs to Fire Departments, Police Departments, Military, and Essential Workers. API also offers professional strength & conditioning programs directly to these professionals (and any community member) via our state of the art App. 

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Personal, Department, or Consulting

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Personal Strength & Conditioning App 

High level performance training to prepare you for LIFE. Use our state of the art App:
Exercise Demos, Messaging, Data Tracking

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Department Workshop and Implementation

Health & Wellness programs designed for your department, staff or agency 

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Identify Key Indicators that are driving your current issues, as well as provide in-depth solution

Reduce injuries and the cost that comes with them!

Health & Wellness programs result in cost saving from medical expenses, improved job readiness, and decreased man hour issues. 

From Those We Serve

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Greg P. - Navy Veteran of multiple OEF Deployments with US Special Operations Units.
Previously ranked 79th in the world at 102kg Olympic Lifting weight class

"I have known Dave for over 13 years, and I can sincerely say that he is one of the most dedicated dudes that I have ever met. Towards the begining of our careers, under the tutelage of Dave, I went from only being able to do 6 dead hang pull-ups to winning a San Diego military pull-up competition at 27. Dave is committed to excellence in everything that he does. If you are looking to take your professional or personal fitness to the next level, then I would challenge you to take advantage of the knowledge Dave has put into his program." 

Jake and Dave jpeg

Jake O. - U.S. Navy Veteran and Denver Police Officer

"As a first responder, being in shape is very important. When I was stone walled by my own stubbornness, repeating the same workouts week after week with no signs of progress, I knew I needed a change. Dave was the man for the job! After hearing about his background, and what he was willing to offer through his program, I joined. The man knows what he is doing and won't let you down."

Kerry Steuart png

Kerry Steuart - President of MYKC

"I was stuck with my weight loss and had tried a variety of options and nothing seemed to work. That’s when I decided to try Asset Performance Institute (API) app. API enhanced my workout options and provided tips to increase my strength and endurance. With the help of API, I was able to achieve my weight loss goals. Additionally, I am sleeping better, have more energy, enthusiasm, endurance, and cognitive ability since using API. It worked for me and helped me get on track with my fitness goals and I highly recommend it for others looking to achieve fitness related goals."

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At API we create custom plans to meet Specific Demands!

Through thoughtful analysis, we create a program that meets your demands and helps to enhance a culture that is resilient.

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