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Building Resilient, Fit, Reliable Professionals

Taking care of the communities #1 Asset, our First Responders

We provide health & resiliency programs to Fire Departments, Police Departments, Military, and Essential Workers. API also offers professional strength & conditioning programs directly to these professionals (and any community member) via our state of the art App. 

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Work with API to reach Peak Performance!

Personal, Department, or Consulting

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Personal Strength and Conditioning App 

High level performance training to prepare you for LIFE. Use our state of the art App:
Exercise Demos, Messaging, Data Tracking

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Workshop and Implementation

Health & Wellness programs designed for your department, staff or agency 

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Identify Key Indicators that are driving your current issues, as well as provide in-depth solution

Reduce injuries and the cost that comes with them!

Health & Wellness programs result in cost saving from medical expenses, improved job readiness, and decreased man hour issues. 

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